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Low Carb Wheaten Scones/Bread

25 Nov

Low Carb Wheaten Scones

Looking through my bread recipe collection, I came across a recipe for Irish Wheaten Bread given to me by an Irish lady I met a long time ago and to whom I have since lost contact. I’ve made this bread a few times and although it has always turned out perfect, just like the lady demonstrated to a group of us, it wasn’t favourably received at home because it was a bit sweet and had more of a cake-like rather than a spongy texture like regular bread (yeast is not used). I, on the other hand, enjoyed it very much but having to consume the whole loaf by myself was a bit much. This type of bread doesn’t keep moist for long and is best eaten fresh out of the oven.

Since there was a possibility of making these into Wheaten Scones ie. smaller portions, I chose this recipe to redevelop into a low carb version.

The end result is a scone which comes close to the original and which I can finally enjoy with butter. I don’t quite like butter with my Low Carb Sunflower Seed Loaf which is now a breakfast staple in our home. With these scones you need to slather butter or cream cheese on them! Low carb sinning! Continue reading

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