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Summary: April to June 2013

1 Jul

Nothing much to report this quarter except that my Hb1AC is still the same at 6.3 despite stress and low carbing only 50% of the time! I have gained about a kilo since January although I think this would not be there if I could do more sports every week.

But first another holiday is standing in the way …

Cala Figuera

… with another challenge – eating sensibly when on vacation. 🙂


Summary – October-December 2012

23 Dec

Well, the world did not come to an end, so I am now obliged to write this post …a summary of how I’ve coped with keeping my blood sugar in control from October to December and what I’ve been doing.

Happy to report that my Hb1Ac went down one point to 6.3. I was there before but it went up. 😦 So I’m glad that it went down to this level again.  I discovered something interesting last quarter. In my last summary, I reported that my Hb1Ac value was 6.4. This was measured by my endocrinologist. Four days later, I went to my GP and he did a blood test to check other stuff. I was told that my Hb1Ac was 6.8 and I got a bit of a shock. This time around, I questioned my endocrinologist about it and he said they use a different measuring method! So which is more accurate now? Well I’m going to believe the endocrinologist cos he is the diabetes specialist, and make myself happy. So beware, this may be happening to you too! Different testing methods result in different values!

Another good thing happened recently. I was having pain in my right elbow for a long time (about 2 years) and the doctors have diagnosed this as ‘golf elbow’. I got cortisone injections and went for acupuncture,physiotherapy and chiropractic adjustment but nothing helped. If anything, things got worse and then the pain started in my left arm too. After reading another of those health books, I started taking vitamin supplements – Vitamin E, Magnesium, Zink, Calcium, Vitamin D. Yikes, I’m turning into a hypochondriac! Just noticed the other day that I haven’t noticed the pain in my elbows for some time now. When I press the spot, it doesn’t hurt anymore! I’m sure it’s the vitamins but which one did the trick, I don’t know – although I think it’s the Vitamin E. So a tip if you are having problems which no one can pinpoint. In your next blood test, get your GP to check your vitamin levels. Funny, I’ve been to so many doctors and no doctor even thought about checking this.

I haven’t been experimenting much with new recipes lately cos I’m quite happy with the way things are. I’ve got my staples and work around them. What I did was to buy two low carb bread mixes from a German online shop to see if they were better than mine. I don’t want to mention which products I tried (anyway, I think if you don’t live in Germany you probably won’t come across them). They were a lot worse than my low carb sunflower bread :). The first loaf I baked was ok in texture  – a little less rubbery than mine but it lost out on taste. The second one was like eating rubber. My husband refuses to eat anything so I’m slowly eating my way through the two loaves. Still contemplating dumping the rest in the bin.

To sum up my year, I can say that it has generally been a good year for me – glucose-control wise.  Doctors are happy so I’m happy.

On this note, I’d like to end off today and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Summary – April-June 2012

20 Jun

Time for my next quarterly report on how I’m coping with keeping my blood glucose values down.

Good news – my Hb1AC went down to 6.4. Another surprise as I haven’t been able to stick to a 100% low carb diet nor have I been taking my stinging nettle tea consistently and the okra juice cure has been dropped (getting a regular supply is a pain). All other values (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc, etc) seem to be good too. I was expecting the worst so I left my doctors office with a big smile on the day of my visit!

Now if only I could figure out why my Hb1AC went down. Alternating between eating low-carb bread and scrambled eggs with bacon every morning can’t be the solution!

Which reminds me, I’ve got to go bake another loaf… Bye for now.

Summary – January-March 2012

23 Mar

Oh bummer … it didn’t really work properly! What didn’t work you ask?

Last quarter, I reported that I was trying out various things which were purported to reduce blood glucose levels, namely taking okra (ladies fingers) juice, lemon juice and stinging nettle tea. Sadly, I’ve had a set-back. My Hb1AC climbed back up to 6.6. I was hoping it would go the other way! However, it is still less than it was at the beginning of going low carb. Small consolation!

Ok, I must admit that when Christmas came around, things started to go off track. This really isn’t the time of the year to be ‘good’ – well, at least I don’t have the willpower. And then my daughter started forgetting to buy me my supply of ladies fingers. Do you think that made me mad? Well, heck no. At least I was spared having to drink this stuff every day.

Making a big batch of stinging nettle tea and having to sip the whole thing throughout the day, every day, was also a chore. I started making the tea every other day and then it dwindled from there. And drinking lemon juice every day? You probably shouldn’t take too much of it anyway.

Since January I’ve also started working and have therefore, not had the time to make my low carb noodles and spaetzles. Nor have I had time to experiment much. Eating properly really takes a lot of discipline and time. I think I’ve had more carbs than I really should have had.

So actually, I can’t really say that my little tricks didn’t work. It’s really my fault for not faithfully taking them. The conclusion is … if you don’t take the juices/teas every day, you will see no or little benefit. Nevertheless, it is probably a good idea to do these cures once in a while to keep your blood ‘clean’.

My last blood test in February showed very good results everywhere – except for the sugar part of course 🙂 . So not all was in vain.

Don’t know what I’m rambling on about? – read my last quarterly summary.

Ciao till the next quarter!

Summary – October-December 2011

19 Dec

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone – whether you’re following my posts or just happened to stumble onto this page! This’ll be my last post for the year. As Christmas approaches so does my stress level even though I try not to do too much 😦 .

At the end of October I decided I didn’t have much to write about so I would change my monthly summaries into quarterly ones. Having already written a quarterly summary for July to September, this seemed like a good time to make the change. Besides, since I have to visit my doctor every quarter, it seemed to make sense to time a summary after a visit.

So here we go – October to December 2011. Continue reading

Summary: June 2011

1 Jul

Phew – June has really raced by. Very uneventful for me in terms of experimenting on new recipes. I was away 18 out of the 30 days in June, happily on vacation and the rest of the time, I didn’t feel like doing much because of my bad back and other problems. First we went for a family party in Freiburg and then we went on vacation to the south of France.  I thought I would recover from all my complaints by not doing much but laze on the beach. Well, my condition did improve but the minute I got back into my daily routine, the backaches started off again. Now I’m going to see an oesteopath which is going to make a dent in my pocket!

Getting back to the nicer part of the month, I did have a lovely time on the Côte d’Azur in the south of France, revisiting places I know and discovering new ones. The weather was again, fantastic and I spent a lot of time on the beach – a real luxury for me. There was light rain on only one day and only for a short period of time. Everything was perfect. I wasn’t so strict with my low carb diet and just upped my insulin to accommodate the increased carbs but having said that, there were a lot of choices and one could easily order a salad or find something with vegetables. I brought a low carb bread mix with me and baked it up in the apartment so I was able to have some low carb bread for breakfast during the first week. It is hard though, to eat low carb bread and watch the rest of the family trying out all the different baguettes and croissants. In the end, I must admit, I gave in and like I said, upped the insulin. Lucikly, I was able to resist the tempting patisseries in the bakeries by not going in at all and in the restaurants, well, the prices took care of that. Coming back home was hard and a lot of work –  grocery shopping, baking up low carb bread, low carb snacks and getting back into the routine.

With all the eating I’ve done this month, needless to say, I’ve put on a little weight and will have to spend the next five weeks getting it off before our next vacation! 🙂

Summary: May 2011

31 May

Despite what I did in April (less sports, massages daily and sauna visits) to give my body a boost to recover, my pains are still there – whole upper back/shoulder pain, pain in my right elbow and upper arm, pain which radiates to my right thigh due to a hip problem. In fact, they have gotten worse and I now feel them around the clock, yes, even when I sleep. Ha, ha, so much for my doctors proclaiming me fit as a fiddle. My husband asked if these pains could be attributed to a low carb diet but I don’t think so. I’ve already had them on and off, but not so bad, for a couple of years now. Visits to various doctors have not yielded any concrete results. 😦

Due to my running around to all kinds of appointments, I haven’t experimented much on new recipes this month except for those I’ve posted at the beginning of May and for bread. Although I haven’t posted any bread recipe yet (apart from commenting on the low carb chickpea bread I tried from Mona), I have been baking a lot of bread, in all variations, trying to get the ultimate non-gummy bread. This has eluded me so far. I think it is probably not possible to attain the same texture as bread made with flour because the main ingredient is NOT flour! Nevertheless, all of the variations seem to be quite good toasted. Untoasted, they are only good fresh on the day baked.

Last week, I made some low carb tortillas again and made some chicken enchiladas. They were really good! I just got a regular chicken enchilada recipe off the internet and instead of corn tortillas, I used the low carb ones. Good post-priandal results! I’m going to improve on my quiche base and hopefully, I’ll be able to post a recipe soon.

Summary : April 2011

3 May

Oops, I forgot I had to do an April summary. Well, here’s how I fared.

April started off weather-wise, really nice here in Munich with temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius. April started off for me with pain. When I sleep at night, on my stomach, I am awakened sometime in the middle of the night with pains in my joints – both knees and hands, with the pain worse at the knees. My joints hurt excruciatingly when I try to move them. I have to move them really slowly to ‘warm’ them up and get the blood circulating. This usually happens when the heating is not on at night. I’ve told three doctors of my problem but they can’t find anything wrong. I even did a blood test for rheumatism (negative) and read up extensively on gout. I also bought an ointment for rheumatism pains but it didn’t seem to help. No clue what it is.

The pains have eased off since the weather warmed up more. Now I’ve got other pains in my arms and legs and have an appointment with the docs soon. I haven’t been doing much sports lately because of all these pains and also because we were away. I think it was good to give my body a little rest.

Foodwise, I didn’t really stick to my low carb diet when on vacation but I tried to keep things in check.

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