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Roswitha’s Pumpkin Soup

1 Dec

Ok, I didn’t think I would do another post on pumpkins so soon after my post on Ginny’s Pumpkin Chili but … I went out into the garden yesterday and saw all the little pumpkins I had strewn all over, here and there, as Halloween decorations and thought … other people have already put their Christmas decorations out and I’m still at Halloween! No go – so I quickly cleared them all away. And here they are now sitting in the living room. They still look nice and I don’t want to throw them away.

Among these little cuties was a Hokkaido pumpkin – starting to get a bit soft. I had totally forgotten about it. It was supposed to be part of the decoration till I felt like having pumpkin soup. Trouble was we still had the pulp of the other gigantic pumpkin to eat and I thought the Hokkaido would last a bit longer out in the cold. So now, it was time to make pumpkin soup. Now that I’ve had pumpkin soup made from the big pumpkin, I think the Hokkaido has a much better flavour. I’ve only ever made anything with pumpkin using Hokkaido pumpkins – primarily because you can cook the pumpkin with the skin. And what I’ve  made has always been pumpkin soup – in different variations. The one I like the best so far is a pumpkin soup I had in a little pension in the Bavarian Forest owned by a lady named Roswitha. She could cook really well. One afternoon, as an activity offered to guests, she showed us how to make pumpkin soup. This soup is so easy. Continue reading

Pumpkin Chili

27 Nov

So Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is over. Have you used up all your pumpkin yet or are still looking for recipes to use up your leftovers which are not called Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Soup?

We had a big pumpkin for Halloween this year and do not celebrate Thanksgiving. So after making a pumpkin soup with some of the pulp, I searched on the net for other pumpkin recipes. To make things difficult, my daughter doesn’t eat anything orange – that is, anything flavoured with orange, carrots or pumpkin!!! I found a pumpkin gnocchi recipe (I thought I could pass off the orange colour as food colouring 🙂 ) but the gnocchis dissolved in the cooking water so that was the end of that. Then I came across Ginny’s pumpkin chili. Now this sounded unusual. And the photo looked just like regular chili.

I made it! Had to do some adjustments like take out the CHILI (!) but it turned out great. No one noticed that it had pumpkin in it and I didn’t say a word. It really was a pity that I had to omit the chilis and I would not suggest that you do likewise unless you also have to cater to different tastes in your family too.

So if this photo appeals to you then check out Ginny’s recipe here.

Ginny’s Pumpkin Chili

Continue reading

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