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Lamb Ragout with Spinach

20 Jul

As much as we enjoyed our meal of Braised Lamb in Red Wine Sauce a couple of days ago, four lamb shanks was just too much for three hungry eaters. So the leftovers were recycled to make dinner the next day – Lamb Ragout with Spinach. Stir this sauce into any short pasta or spaetzle and you’ll have your meal cooked in a jiffy. I had 1 1/2 lamb shanks left plus the sauce (I’d say 2 cups) and the ragout I made was enough for 3 persons.

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Braised Lamb Shanks to wow your guests

17 Jul

On a trip to Australia some years back, I had some of the best lamb shanks I’ve ever had. Small wonder – Australia is the sheep capital of the world! No, it’s not New Zealand as I’d thought but Australia  – the ratio of sheep to people is 20:1! Well, it wasn’t only the quality of the meat that impressed me but the simplicity of the dish. Just one slow-cooked lamb shank plonked in the middle of a big scoop of mashed potatoes (hey, I was on holiday and not counting carbs!) and served with steamed vegetables. Of course the sauce was divine too.

As usual, like I always do, when I got home from my trip, I started to look for lamb shanks to recreate this dish. Lamb is an expensive meat here in Germany and the choice is limited. Where I live, it is nearly impossible to get fresh lamb. I’ve only seen fresh lamb filets in the supermarket’s butcher counter – that’s almost always available. Most lamb meat is sold frozen. You can get cuts like lamb shoulder, lamb filet, lamb rack, lamb chops and center slices. No stew meat or ground lamb – you have to do your own. I searched and searched but alas, I did not find whole lamb shanks. In the Turkish supermarkets, you can get fresh halal lamb but again, I didn’t really see any shanks – maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough. So anyway, that was the end of my dish.

Last week, I went to get something else out of the meat freezer in my supermarket and couldn’t believe my eyes – there were lots of lamb shanks in there. Seems like there’s now a demand for lamb shanks. So despite the price, I bought two packages – 2 shanks in each package.

I found a recipe which promised to be very easy, and well, I can certainly say that with a little trouble, you can wow your guests and make them think you do such meals all the time. Don’t you think so?

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