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Whoopee! I’m fit!

24 Jun

During the set-up of my new Polar FT60 heart rate monitor, I had to do a fitness test. Well, the result says ‘very good’ – one point more and I would have been in the ‘elite’ category! Now I’ve got to maintain this fitness level and make sure I don’t get worse 🙂 and of course, try to build some muscles.

New fitness tool – Polar heart rate monitor

20 Jun

After a not-so-long life, my Suunto heart rate monitor bit the dust. Well, the electronic sensor belt started to malfunction and when I wrote to Suunto to find out where the nearest dealer was in Germany, they told me to send it to Austria because they did not have a service centre in Germany. Now what kind of company is this? I don’t like sending my stuff by mail anywhere, let alone to another country. After thinking about it more, I decided that the repair and postage costs would not be worth it and decided to get myself another monitor – this time I made sure that the brand had a service centre in Germany.

Since I was going to spend the money, I decided not to stinge over a few more Euros and get one that would really help me monitor my performance. So that is how I ended up with my new Polar FT60. I checked on Amazon and read the reviews for both this model and the next higher model, the FT80. There was good and bad and it was not easy to decide. However, since the FT80 did not come in a women’s version and I have a small wrist, not to mention that it was €40 more, I chose the FT60. Here it is:

Polar FT60 women's model

This model features the STAR training programme which is supposed to tell me how much and how intensively I have trained during the week. It can create a training programme based on my goals and training targets. The watch comes with a data transfer device – the Polar Flowlink – allowing me to transfer my data onto the Polar website for monitoring.

I’ve had it for a week and have only used it a couple of times so I can’t give any concrete feedback yet but I will when I’ve spent more time using it. For now, all I can say is that the watch strap is a little stiff and inflexible but that is something I will just have to get used to.

The other thing I thought wasn’t good was that the training programme is also inflexible – but in a different sense. The watch came up with a training programme for me – that’s good and fine. However, I do sports activities like pilates and weight training where I do not use the heart rate monitor. That means these activities are not registered as being done on my watch and throws my level of activity for the week off balance. Perhaps I should just put on the watch during these activities.

It’ll take some time to get used to all the different functions till I can do everything with my eyes closed. 🙂

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