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Parties and dinner invitations

17 May

Eating well at home is one thing, eating well when you’re out is another. Going on a low carb diet is only a change in the way of eating and not a total change in lifestyle. I like going out and being invited out. I do have a good time but I haven’t been doing so well with the low carb food. It’s most often the desserts that are the problem. They look so inviting.  When I can’t resist the temptation – wham, up goes my blood glucose!

Last week we were invited over to friends. I decided not to mention anything thinking that I would probably be able to just say, ‘no potatoes please’. Well, we had salmon bruschetta as an appetizer (I was able to eat the topping without the baguette), then asparagus soup (thickened with flour) and pasta as the main course! It was either – no main course or have Asparagus Hollandaise  soup. To round off the meal, there was a cake and ice-cream dessert which I was able to avoid. Lesson learned – tell your host you’re on a low carb diet. It’s not as bad as it sounds because there are a lot  of things one can still eat.

Last night we went to a party which had all courses served buffet style. Now, there it was really easy to pick the right things. That was, until I got to the dessert buffet.  Yes, there was a cheese platter and a fruit platter AND a very inviting ice-cream cake. Before I could say ‘a thin slice please’, the slice was already on my plate. I always finish what’s on my plate (unless of course, it tastes utterly revolting)!! No need to say what happened here.

The other thing that is really hard about going out is knowing when to inject insulin so that it will start working when the food arrives. You also don’t want to keep injecting at intervals to cover the various courses when service is slow as you may then end up with too much insulin. Hmmm… more fine-tuning needed here.

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