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My new toy

8 May

A new USB storage stick?

Yes, you’re half right! It is my new blood sugar meter – Bayer Contour USB with plug and play diabetes management software! I had a check-up and I mentioned to my doctor that I would like to buy a new meter as mine was already 7 years old. I said I wanted something with a computer software programme and he recommended the Bayer Contour USB as simple and easy to use. Even gave me one!

After having tested this little piece of equipment which looks like a bigger version of a USB storage stick, I was amazed at what it can do and am thrilled to possess it.

Here are the plus points:

* no changing of batteries. There is a re-chargeable battery inside and you charge it just like your MP player. Connect it to your computer and in about two hours, it is charged.

* there is no on/off button. Once you insert a test strip into the meter, it goes on automatically. No need to shut it off either. Pull out the strip and it goes off.

* tiny amount of blood required. The test strips require about 1/5th or even less of blood compared to my last meter. The strips are also half the size of my previous strips from another company. Could be perhaps too small for those with big hands but are perfect for my small hands.

* Autolog feature lets you mark your blood sugar measurement with notations such as ‘before meal’, ‘after meal’ or ‘no mark’. There is also the possibility to make notes using pre-defined remarks such as  ‘activity’ or ‘sick’.

* there is a reminder feature which can be activated and an alarm will go off after a set time which you can define. This is great in reminding you to measure post-priandal blood sugar.

* ability to set your own target range. If your value is higher or lower than your targets, they appear in orange to get your attention.

* summary – you can get a 7-day, 14-day or 30-day summary and it tells you how many times you were over or under your target!

* easy transfer of data to your computer to analyse and study your results further using Bayer’s Glucofacts Deluxe Diabetes Management Software.

* for those who want to measure their blood in the dark (can’t imagine why anyone would do this), you can put on a little light which will show you where you should insert your strip.

Whoopee! No more writing down everything on a piece of paper! No more remembering to set the alarm clock! No more squeezing my fingers like crazy to get out enough blood.

The Bayer Contour USB has been on the market since October 2009.  The price on the package was €44.95 but I’ve seen it on the Internet being sold for €39.98 plus postage.

This is a really good piece of equipment and if you are looking for a new meter, read all about it on Bayer’s website.

Thumbs up!


Update 3 Jan 2011 : I was quite upbeat when I got my new Bayer Contour meter but I now find that it is not all that accurate. Sometimes I get high readings and when I measure again immediately after, there is a difference of between 20-50 points in the readings. I mentioned this to my doctor (I mentioned a 20 point difference) and he said this was normal. I don’t feel this is acceptable. My last meter, an Accucheck Comfort, also sometimes showed differences between two consecutive readings but I don’t remember them differing by more than 20 points.

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