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Blood pressure back to normal

13 Jun

All I want to say today is that my blood pressure seems to have gone back to normal. I resumed checking my blood pressure twice a day – once upon waking and once before going to bed – after coming back from vacation. It has been one week now and the readings have all been good. What have I been doing consistently since then and while on vacation?

a. having a glass of wine daily and

b. eating more than 30gr carbs a day – maybe 50gr

To Low Carb or not to Low Carb

21 May

That is the question – today I came across an article which speaks against low carb diets. I’ll let you read it for yourself here.

I’ve experienced orthostatic hypotension since starting the diet and increased muscle cramps. Also my cholesterol has increased although I don’t know if that is the result of a low-carb diet or not.  Furthermore, my diastolic value when I measure my blood pressure is on the high side. My doctor says it could be due to increased caffeine consumption. I have been drinking more cappuccinos since going low carb as the milk keeps me satiated.

Oh, help!

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