Summary – July – September 2013

26 Sep

Summer was great this year in Munich. Lots and lots of sun. And best of all, I was able to enjoy it.

I quit my stressful job after deciding that this was not good for my health overall – long hours, working on weekends, unnecessary pressure, poor working conditions, no time for sports – all this led to bad eating habits which meant the need for more insulin and weight gain. I felt a burn-out coming on if I did not take action soon.

So I was happy to have things go back to normal for me and the sun was waiting to be enjoyed. The great weather lasted till the end of August and when it started to get cold, we left for Spain, tanking in more sun. As usual during vacations, I broke away from my low carb diet. It was tapas or pintxos and wine almost every day (I figured I needed to let loose a bit after slaving away for the past 7 months). Surprisingly, it wasn’t so difficult to cut down on carbs eating tapas – just had to avoid the bread (although some things taste better with bread)!

Assorted Cheese and Iberian Ham Platter

Breakfast was a different story. A Spanish breakfast consists of one of the following:

* coffee and croissant
* coffee and toasted baguette with butter and marmelade
* coffee and toasted baguette with a thin layer of pureed tomato
* coffee and toasted baguette with cheese
* coffee and toasted baguette with serrano ham or
* coffee and toasted baguette with a combination of the above toppings.

That’s what we had every day. In the back of my mind, I was worrying about what all the baguettes and croissants would do to my Hb1Ac when I went for my quarterly check-up. I wasn’t very consistent with checking my blood glucose levels. I find this difficult to do on vacation and kept forgetting.

So it was with apprehension that I went for my doctor’s appointment on my return expecting a Hb1Ac value of 7 at least. 🙂 Whoppee, I came out looking like this smiley. It was 6.1. That’s the lowest I’ve ever had so far.

What happened and what conclusion do I draw from this? Is a mixed diet i.e.. not strictly no carbs, better?? No idea. For the past 8 months, I have been eating carbs while at work and low carbing when I had time to cook at home – which wasn’t very often. I would come home totally exhausted and just did not have the energy to cook a proper meal for three. Besides, everyone else at home was a bit tired of my low carb substitutions. Once my daughter said to me ‘Mum, can’t you just cook regular food?’. I had to laugh at that.

I’m now back to eating cauliflower rice and making low carb pasta and low carb bread. But I’m going to test and eat carbs from time to time but be aware of the amount I take.

One thing I’ve noted is that I can’t be bothered with making all those low carb sweets and cakes I’ve posted before. Some of them, frankly speaking, really required adjusting to, taste-wise. With my main course staples, I seem to do pretty well.

I wonder what the next check-up will reveal!


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