Summary – January -March 2013

28 Mar

Whew, three months of 2013 have already flown by.

I started the year off with a new full-time job. It turned out to be more full-time than I had imagined. At the beginning, I would come home dead tired and still try to continue my usual household workload. I realised very quickly that that wouldn’t work and have since ‘outsourced’ various chores to my family members, to be specific, husband and daughter. That has been a bit of a relief but they can only do so much.

My new job has obviously lead not only to a change in how the household is managed but also to my eating habits. I used to cook low carb meals for lunch and eat leftovers for dinner, cooking a teenager-friendly meal for my daughter in the evening. Everything has gone topsy-turvy now. When I get home, I don’t have time to think about making elaborate meals. Dinner has to be quick and teenager-friendly (not spicy, exotic or meatless!). I only have time to go shopping on Saturday afternoons and when I get to the supermarket, many of the ingredients for meals I had planned to cook for the coming week would be gone! Lunch in the office means eating out at one of the few poor-quality cafes in the office neighborhood. Sigh!

To compensate for the increased carbs in my diet, I have had to inject more insulin. Somehow, the accumulated carbs in my body are leading to higher fasting blood glucose levels (110-140). I also started forgetting my basal insulin injections before going to bed cos I would be so tired, I just flopped into bed. The dismal readings really made me miserable. Sometimes I would over estimate the carbs, inject more insulin than required and end up with hypoglycemia. All in all, these sugar ups and downs are another major set-back for me.

So when I went to my docs for my quarterly blood test last week, I was expecting a huge jump in the figures putting me back into square one. I couldn’t believe it when the nursing assistant said Hb1Ac was 6.3, same as last quarter. This would mean that if I had continued my low carb diet, I would have had an even better reading! So I have managed to maintain the same reading while consuming more carbs by injecting more insulin. Not satisfactory for me but nevertheless, better than an increased Hb1Ac.

Well, I am not sure how to continue. I am now trying to cook meals during weekends to freeze and hope to find more easy low carb stuff to pack for lunch every day. I am not the ‘raw vegetable sticks’ type of person. Once thing is for sure – I’ve got to try my best to keep that Hb1Ac figure down!

But let me enjoy Easter first!!



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