Summary – July-September 2012

28 Sep

Yikes, time flies and I feel like I haven’t been devoting myself much to my blog lately. That is true! These past three months, I’ve only posted two recipes. I’ve been doing other things and also getting distracted from low carbing!

At the beginning of this quarter, I started helping my husband in his new office and got carried away. This resulted in me not having time to concentrate on cooking properly. I would go to the office in the morning after breakfast, work a couple of hours, rush back home at 12 to cook lunch, clean up and go back to the office at 2pm, then back home at 6pm to cook dinner. Other chores got pushed aside and I was often sitting at the computer, working, till 10pm or later only to start off again early next morning. When my daughter’s school schedule changed and she had to come home early (that happens a lot before the semester ends as teachers have to go for this and that meeting or suddenly decide to leave the school), these changes threw off my plan’s for the whole day and I had to make quick alternative arrangements. So yes, July was indeed a bit stressful and my good low carbing intentions suffered a set-back.

It is logical that if you start to prepare for lunch at 12 (and not have all the ingredients you need, meaning you still have to stop off at the supermarket) and everyone wants to eat at 1pm, you have to be very organized and choose dishes which only need a short preparation time. Other people would just go out and grab something for lunch but this isn’t easy when low-carbing. Even though I felt stressed, I still preferred preparing my own meals as I thought some control was better than no control. Besides eating out is expensive.  I started making quick meals and went back to using carbs, like making dishes with commercially-made pasta and sandwiches with bread (when I ran out of my low carb version). To compensate for eating carbs, I took more insulin which worked fine.

Then the school vacation came along and we spent five weeks in Singapore. I faced the same problem I faced last year on our trip to Asia – resisting the temptation to eat all the yummy things available. The food there is just so gooood. So I didn’t resist. I just ate and injected more insulin. This has resulted in two more kilos on my body! Aaargggh!

Now it’s back to low carbing. The day after we got home, I baked my low carb bread and bought cauliflower and salad. I don’t have to help my husband anymore so I can get my mind back on track.

Yesterday it was time for my quarterly check with my doctor. Hb1Ac (they say Hb1Ac here and not HbA1c) is 6.4, same as last quarter. Hurray, despite negligent eating in July and August, it didn’t change. So would it have gone lower had I eaten properly??

I went back to my blog article on Hb1Ac written two years ago and found a link to a diabetes website called Islets of Hope.  There is a table on the linked page which says that a Hb1Ac of 6 = blood sugar very well managed. It also says the same thing for a Hb1Ac of 7 so I conclude that 6.4 is very well managed. Pat on the back!

I’ve realised that it is almost 2 1/2 years since I started this blog to track my progress and successes on a low carb diet. Reflecting back, I remember how I started trying all kinds of recipes – a couple of which really traumatized my taste-buds – with the aim of getting my Hb1Ac to the lower 5s. Although I haven’t gotten below 6, I’ve since found what works for me and what not and am pretty happy  on a controlled diet – not 100% low carb but mostly low carb. I am quite aware of how my body reacts to carbs and when I can get away with it, I do. This way I get to enjoy the best of both worlds! If I do eventually lower this figure even more, whoopee, but if not, then hopefully it will stay where it is.


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