Low Carb Broccoli Tagliatelle

23 Sep

Oh, oh … what to do. Nothing much left in the fridge and today is Sunday. Shops don’t open on Sundays in Germany.

After taking stock of the situation this morning, I found some broccoli in the freezer. Googled and found a couple of pasta and broccoli recipes. Can I be bothered to make some low carb pasta? Why not, I didn’t have much planned for the morning anyway.

Looking through the recipes online, I couldn’t find any that suited what I had on hand. The simple ones seemed to boil the broccoli to death while others used onions and anchovies which I didn’t fancy using. So I just looked at what they used, decided what I would put into mine and viola, came up with this version. Except for the pasta making part which really isn’t so bad, this recipe is quick and easy.

Low Carb Broccoli Tagliatelle

By the way, in the photos below, you will notice that the ‘pancetta’ is cooked with the broccoli whereas in the recipe below, I suggest frying the pancetta till crisp at the beginning and then using it as a topping. I did not have pancetta but only prosciutto and I decided to cook it with the broccoli. I intend to use pancetta next time and wanted to post this recipe with the changes before I forget.

Low Carb Broccoli Tagliatelle

(serves 3)

270 gr fresh low carb tagliatelle, uncooked weight. See recipe.

250 gr broccoli, cut into florets

4 slices pancetta

60 gr parmigiano reggiano, grated

3 cloves garlic, sliced

½ – 1 red chili pepper, deseeded and sliced or red chili flakes for garnishing (both optional)

1 Tbsp butter

3 Tbsp olive oil


Start by boiling the water for the pasta. Cook the tagliatelle in boiling water for 3 – 4 min (time depends on thickness of tagliatelle so keep a watch and check). Drain, reserving about 150ml of the liquid for use later. Keep pasta warm.

In a frying pan, sauté the pancetta in olive oil over medium heat till lightly crispy and remove to drain.

In the same pan, add the garlic and sauté till just starting to brown. Add the broccoli and sliced chili if using, fry a bit, pour in some cooking liquid and let the broccoli cook over medium heat till done to the point you want. I just use a fork to test and do not like my broccoli mushy.

Sauté broccoli till al dente

Add the butter and parmesan to the noodles, toss and adjust seasoning with either salt or more parmigiano. Add a bit of the cooking liquid if the noodles start sticking together.

Mix in the cheese, salt and butter.

Pour in the broccoli and mix.

Dish out onto pasta plates, sprinkle chili flakes on top (if you have opted to use this) and top with pancetta.

Buon Appetito!

Nutritional Information – per serving

Total Calories – 587.7 kcal; Fat – 37.2 g; Carbohydrates – 8.5 g; Protein – 37.9 g

Print this recipe – Low Carb Broccoli Tagliatelle


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