Lamb Ragout with Spinach

20 Jul

As much as we enjoyed our meal of Braised Lamb in Red Wine Sauce a couple of days ago, four lamb shanks was just too much for three hungry eaters. So the leftovers were recycled to make dinner the next day – Lamb Ragout with Spinach. Stir this sauce into any short pasta or spaetzle and you’ll have your meal cooked in a jiffy. I had 1 1/2 lamb shanks left plus the sauce (I’d say 2 cups) and the ragout I made was enough for 3 persons.

The recipe below goes by estimates. Look at what you have and see how you can stretch it to make enough to serve 2-3 persons. You’ll need:

Leftover meat from Braised Lamb in Red Wine Sauce, cubed

Leftover sauce from Braised Lamb in Red Wine Sauce

Cream to stretch your sauce if necessary

100-200 gr frozen spinach (whole leaves)

1 red chili pepper, sliced

Low carb spaetzle or low carb pasta in the quantity you require, cooked

Put your sauce into a pan, add the spinach and heat up.

Add the chopped meat and let it simmer on low for a few minutes till the spinach has thawed and both meat and spinach have warmed up. Stir through to mix the spinach and meat evenly.

Top this on your noodles and sprinkle with fresh sliced chili. Don’t forget a little side salad.

If you make spaetzle, this’ll be done in no time at all! Fresh pasta takes longer.


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