Summary – January-March 2012

23 Mar

Oh bummer … it didn’t really work properly! What didn’t work you ask?

Last quarter, I reported that I was trying out various things which were purported to reduce blood glucose levels, namely taking okra (ladies fingers) juice, lemon juice and stinging nettle tea. Sadly, I’ve had a set-back. My Hb1AC climbed back up to 6.6. I was hoping it would go the other way! However, it is still less than it was at the beginning of going low carb. Small consolation!

Ok, I must admit that when Christmas came around, things started to go off track. This really isn’t the time of the year to be ‘good’ – well, at least I don’t have the willpower. And then my daughter started forgetting to buy me my supply of ladies fingers. Do you think that made me mad? Well, heck no. At least I was spared having to drink this stuff every day.

Making a big batch of stinging nettle tea and having to sip the whole thing throughout the day, every day, was also a chore. I started making the tea every other day and then it dwindled from there. And drinking lemon juice every day? You probably shouldn’t take too much of it anyway.

Since January I’ve also started working and have therefore, not had the time to make my low carb noodles and spaetzles. Nor have I had time to experiment much. Eating properly really takes a lot of discipline and time. I think I’ve had more carbs than I really should have had.

So actually, I can’t really say that my little tricks didn’t work. It’s really my fault for not faithfully taking them. The conclusion is … if you don’t take the juices/teas every day, you will see no or little benefit. Nevertheless, it is probably a good idea to do these cures once in a while to keep your blood ‘clean’.

My last blood test in February showed very good results everywhere – except for the sugar part of course 🙂 . So not all was in vain.

Don’t know what I’m rambling on about? – read my last quarterly summary.

Ciao till the next quarter!

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