Make your schnitzel low carb!

17 Jan

Busy, busy, busy – that’s what I’ve been since 2012 started. January is already half over and only now am I able to wish my blog visitors a Happy New Year! So, HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you have a successful 2012 low-carbing!

Since I’ve been so occupied with other things, I haven’t had time to do any experimenting. After trying to get my Black Forest cake base perfect before Christmas and having had to eat so much bad cake, I’ve kind of had it with heavy duty experimenting for a while. 🙂 I’ll pick up on that sometime later during the year to get it right. The last cake actually wasn’t bad but I think it can still be made better.

Aside from that, I did find a little time to have another take on perfecting my low-carb schnitzel coating and I must say, I am now very satisfied! So I’m happy to have something to share with you this January. Doubt if I’ll have time to do much more.

If you’re thinking, schnitzel is meat and it’s low carb and if you pair it with a big salad, all should be ok – then think again. Schnitzel meat is first coated in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs. For someone very sensitive to carbs, like me, this had a big effect on my readings. Ok, if I had known and taken more insulin, I wouldn’t have been surprised but I calculated my insulin for the meal on the basis of salad and protein and not salad, protein and some carbs.

I once bought a cooked schnitzel – can’t remember if it was pork or chicken, but that’s irrelevant – from the neighborhood deli to go with my salad and couldn’t believe my blood glucose reading after the meal. The same happened with frozen ready-made schnitzel you just pop into the oven. You would think that the little bit of breadcrumbs around the schnitzel won’t make much difference but it did to my body. When you buy a ready-made schnitzel or cordon bleu schnitzel, there’s no telling what kind of seasoning they add to the breadcrumbs, meat or filling – probably a load of stuff you don’t need including sugar as well!

After these experiences, I tried to make my schnitzels low carb by using almond meal and even flaxseed but the coating did not stick as well to the meat. Last week, I tried it with gluten and flaxseed and it turned out really, really nice. When you cut the schnitzel, the coating does not fall off.

So here’s how to make it. You can use pork, chicken or veal. My guess is the coating will also stick well to tofu and seitan but I have yet to test it. Please do leave a comment, if you do try it and let me know how successful you were. My schnitzel below is made with chicken. If you wish to make a cordon bleu schnitzel, simply buy a thicker piece of meat, slice a pocket in the meat and fill with cheese and/or ham.

Sorry for the unclear photos but the schnitzels have already been devoured so I can’t retake them!

Schnitzel Low Carb Style

You’ll need:

Schnitzel slices from meat of your choice, quantity as required


Ground Flaxseed

Egg, beaten – start with 1 and add more as required. If breaking one more egg is too much, stretch the leftover egg with milk

First, use a mallet to tenderize your meat and flatten it out more. If you are making cordon bleu, do this before inserting your cheese and/or ham.

Tenderize your meat

Next, put some gluten, egg and some ground flaxseed into separate plates or containers. These should preferably be large enough to contain your schnitzel so that each side can be coated all in one go. Line up the plates in the order shown. You will be working from left to right.

Gluten, beaten egg and flaxseed meal

Take a slice of meat and dip first in gluten …

Dip schnitzel in gluten first ..

then egg …

… then dip schnitzel in egg …

then flaxseed meal.

… and lastly, coat with flaxseed meal

Let the schnitzels rest for about 20 min to allow the coating to firm up.

Let schnitzels rest

Then shallow fry the meat in a pan with some olive oil till cooked through.

Slice and serve on a big, bountiful salad!

The nutritional information below was calculated on the actual amount of ingredients I used just to give you an idea of the carb count – 549 gr chicken breast, 1 egg, 20 gr gluten, 75 gr flaxseed meal. You will need to put more than the stated amounts of gluten and flaxseed meal on your plates and discard the leftovers.


Nutritional information based on quantities stated above. Per serving based on 4 servings.

Total Calories – 404.4 kcal; Fat – 24.6 gr; Carbohydrates – 0.5 gr; Protein – 40.6 gr

Print this recipe – Schnitzel Low Carb Style


2 Responses to “Make your schnitzel low carb!”

  1. peppersprayinfo January 17, 2012 at 21:28 #

    Very nice! I have to look up what you mean by gluten. Did you grind your own flaxseed or buy it already ground?


    • franinmunich January 17, 2012 at 21:52 #

      For a quick explanation of what gluten is, look here. Gluten is added to some flours in baking to give the baked good texture and shape. You could say it holds the glutenless types of flours together. In the US and UK, I believe it is sold under the product name ‘Vital Gluten’. The best place to buy this is probably online. With regards to flaxseed, I grind my own. Ground flaxseed can go rancid quickly if not stored properly. I grind a box full at a time using a coffee grinder (which I do not use for coffee) and store the ground meal in a glass jar in the fridge. It’s also cheaper!

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