Homemade Butter

6 Dec

Homemade Butter

I would never have thought that you could make butter at home until DH asked me what kinds of plain butter you could buy. He needs some for an upcoming seminar. Well, I know that there’s salted butter but that’s not easy to come by here (Germans prefer the unsalted variety) although there is a french brand called President which makes butter with sea salt. I bought it once and it was well.. what do you expect – salty. Then I bought some handmade butter from a market stand but that tasted a bit rancid. It was also more expensive than the stuff from the supermarkets.

I then had the idea of looking on the internet and quickly found a recipe with video here. This is a very informative tutorial. Do take a look.

I do not possess a Kitchen Aid or any kind of kitchen machine but that is about to change soon cos I ordered a Bosch MUM 8 yesterday. Yippee!

Anyway, to cut the story short, I remembered that I have a whipping attachment for my handheld mixer with a tall beaker for whipping cream. Since I couldn’t wait, I opened a packet of regular whipping cream (30% fat) and poured it into the beaker. I usually chill the beaker and cream before whipping but I didn’t even do that. In 5 minutes I had butter. No mess and very little washing up. Here is another photo of my butter.

Ok, I must admit, using such a fragile-looking whipping attachment is not practical for making large amounts of butter but it worked fine with 200ml whipping cream. The butter does harden at the last stage. If you want to make more, then use a kitchen machine as demonstrated in the link above. What’s great is that you can adjust the level of salt in your butter and use different kinds of milk if available.

So what are you waiting for…

Nutritional Information – for 200ml whipping cream

Total cal – 293 kcal; Fat – 30 gr; Carbohydrates – 3.2 gr; Protein – 2.5 gr


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