Summary: May 2011

31 May

Despite what I did in April (less sports, massages daily and sauna visits) to give my body a boost to recover, my pains are still there – whole upper back/shoulder pain, pain in my right elbow and upper arm, pain which radiates to my right thigh due to a hip problem. In fact, they have gotten worse and I now feel them around the clock, yes, even when I sleep. Ha, ha, so much for my doctors proclaiming me fit as a fiddle. My husband asked if these pains could be attributed to a low carb diet but I don’t think so. I’ve already had them on and off, but not so bad, for a couple of years now. Visits to various doctors have not yielded any concrete results. 😦

Due to my running around to all kinds of appointments, I haven’t experimented much on new recipes this month except for those I’ve posted at the beginning of May and for bread. Although I haven’t posted any bread recipe yet (apart from commenting on the low carb chickpea bread I tried from Mona), I have been baking a lot of bread, in all variations, trying to get the ultimate non-gummy bread. This has eluded me so far. I think it is probably not possible to attain the same texture as bread made with flour because the main ingredient is NOT flour! Nevertheless, all of the variations seem to be quite good toasted. Untoasted, they are only good fresh on the day baked.

Last week, I made some low carb tortillas again and made some chicken enchiladas. They were really good! I just got a regular chicken enchilada recipe off the internet and instead of corn tortillas, I used the low carb ones. Good post-priandal results! I’m going to improve on my quiche base and hopefully, I’ll be able to post a recipe soon.

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