Summary : April 2011

3 May

Oops, I forgot I had to do an April summary. Well, here’s how I fared.

April started off weather-wise, really nice here in Munich with temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius. April started off for me with pain. When I sleep at night, on my stomach, I am awakened sometime in the middle of the night with pains in my joints – both knees and hands, with the pain worse at the knees. My joints hurt excruciatingly when I try to move them. I have to move them really slowly to ‘warm’ them up and get the blood circulating. This usually happens when the heating is not on at night. I’ve told three doctors of my problem but they can’t find anything wrong. I even did a blood test for rheumatism (negative) and read up extensively on gout. I also bought an ointment for rheumatism pains but it didn’t seem to help. No clue what it is.

The pains have eased off since the weather warmed up more. Now I’ve got other pains in my arms and legs and have an appointment with the docs soon. I haven’t been doing much sports lately because of all these pains and also because we were away. I think it was good to give my body a little rest.

Foodwise, I didn’t really stick to my low carb diet when on vacation but I tried to keep things in check.

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