Summary: March 2011

31 Mar

I find that I am constantly doing something different each month. I have ups and downs in keeping control over my sugar, I try out new recipes, stumble across new information, etc, etc, etc… So I have decided to do a monthly summary. At the end of each month, I will write what happened in that month. This will also allow me to better keep track of my progress or non-progress.

Before I start for March, since this is the first summary I am doing, I want to go back about three months and start with Christmas just to document how I fared. Why Christmas? – because  that’s the time of the year when you are bombarded left and right with carbs and sugar – Christmas cake, Christmas cookies galore, Christmas Punch, heavy, comfort food to bring you through the cold winter months. The Christmas before (ie. 2009), I baked quite a bit and my Hb1AC for the first quarter of 2010 was worse than I wanted it to be. This past Christmas I didn’t bake anything. I only made some coconut candy to give away and actually didn’t receive any Christmas cookies from any friends or neighbours. Germans love their Christmas cookies and bake a lot during the Christmas season. I don’t blame them – there are so many attractive and delicious tasting morsels to be had. Of course, people bake a few different types of cookies and then give away some. We are usually the lucky recipients of Christmas cookies. Well, hurrah, we didn’t get any this time around. I did however, buy about 3 packets of Lebkuchen (gingerbread) during the whole season and ate about 3 pieces in total.

My last two Hb1AC results were stable at 6.8. My doctor says it’s good but I’m not pleased. Even though I did not pig out over Christmas, I had been having morning coffee and afternoon tea, accompanied by a croissant or something similar. The rest of the time, I was eating mostly low carb but not consistent. At the end of February, when the pediatrician said my daughter’s cholesterol was too high, I decided I had to be even more strict – not only for her sake but also for mine. It was time to revamp our eating style.

That was when I started surfing for low carb stuff again. I ordered erythritol, coconut flour, guar gum, gluten and tested some other low carb bread mixes, spreads and cookies. With my new ingredients, I started testing out new bread and cake recipes. That was how I discovered low carb cakes made with beans. You will find some of these recipes or reviews of recipes I tried in the March 2011 posts here, here and here. The bread review is here. I am still experimenting with different ingredient combinations to get my perfect bread.

My after-meal blood glucose values for March are more stable now. There were a few occasions where I had difficult-to-control peaks. These occured when we dined out and I was not able to gauge my carbohydrate intake accurately. And I guess this will continue to happen unless I eat only salads from now on in restaurants. My new low-carb cake recipes have really been marvellous. When I am hungry, I can reach out for a slice of cake without having any problems. Of course, I do take the appropriate amount of insulin but it is a very small amount.

Sports – my spunky Polar FT60 watch decided to increase the number of hours I should train per week from 7 to 8 hrs. I was already having a hard time fitting in 7 hours of gym workout into my week. When it got to 8 hrs, I kind of gave up and decided not to make myself go crazy and complete the training if I couldn’t. I’ve since got a new programme recalculated and am back to 6 hours plus – that’s more reasonable.

I did get a scare at the end of February when I had a sharp pain to the right of my navel. After all kinds of tests were done by various doctors, there was nothing to be found and I was pronounced super fit. However, after this first pain disappeared (took 3 weeks), another pain started on the left side of my waist. It wasn’t exactly a pain but more a taut feeling like your skin being stretched. Since an array of tests was carried out in early March and nothing was found, the GP then said that perhaps the pain came from the spine. Well, I don’t want to run to another doctor for more tests. Feb 19 was when this taut feeling started and it’s been 1 1/2 months now. It’s still there. I sometimes feel a slight lower back ache so I have reduced my visits to the gym to 3 a week for the time being.


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