Hungarian Székely Gulyás (Szegediner Gulasch)

10 Mar

When we visited Budapest last year, I fell in love with Székely Gulyás. It was a random pick from the many delicious sounding options on the menu of the quaint and well-known Kéhli Vendéglo (Kehli Tavern) located in a quiet neighborhood of Budapest on the Buda side, not far from the banks of the Danube river.

Although I usually try to avoid eating pork dishes, this was really good. Szekely Gulyas is also eaten in Germany under the name Szegediner Gulasch. I had never tried it before and it took a trip to Hungary for me to become acquainted with it. The dish consists of small pieces of pork well-seasoned with the famous Hungarian paprika spice and braised together with sauerkraut. I ordered this dish because I didn’t particularly want to eat a chunk of meat that night and the waiter said this dish was mainly made up of cabbage and had little meat.

I cooked this tonight for my parents-in-law and made a little extra for myself for tomorrow. I then ran the ingredients through the nutrition calculator to see how it would fare on carbohydrates and was surprised to see that the sauerkraut contributes a fair share of carbohydrates to the dish. However, if you take off the fibre, the net carb count per serving is 7.1 gr. Forget about making the potatoes on the side and just top with a spoonful of sour cream and you should be ok. A small side salad wouldn’t hurt either.

Here is the recipe which I found here in German. It is only slightly changed.

Székely Gulyás (serves 4)

400 – 500 gr (about 1 lb) pork shoulder diced into 2cm (1 inch) cubes

100gr fatty bacon (about 4 oz), cut into strips

1 large onion, diced

250 ml (1 cup) broth (beef, chicken or vegetable)

500 gr packet Sauerkraut cooked in wine, drained and squeezed dry

1 Tbsp sweet hungarian paprika

2 tsp hot hungarian paprika

1 1/2 tsp whole caraway seeds

2 Tbsp tomato paste

1-2 bay leaves

salt, pepper

sour cream for serving

Season the pork with salt and pepper and mix well. Taste the sauerkraut. If you think it is too sour for you, rinse with water and squeeze fairly dry.

Sauté the bacon in a large pot till the fat runs and the pieces are lightly browned. Remove the bacon from the pot. If the bacon has not rendered enough fat to fry the following ingredients, now is the time to add about 1/2 to 1 Tbsp of oil. Add the onions and sauté till glazed. Add the pork and brown on all sides. Return the bacon to the pot.

Sprinkle the two paprikas over the meat and mix to coat. Add the broth, sauerkraut, tomato paste, bay leaves and caraway seeds. Mix everything together, put on the lid and leave to braise on medium low heat for about 45 minutes. Stir now and again and add a little more broth if the gulyás looks too dry. Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. I skipped this step as I seasoned the pork before cooking.


Nutrition Facts – per serving
(this calculation does not include any additional oil added to the bacon fat nor does it include the sour cream)

Total cal – 475.8 cal; Fat – 32.2 gr, Carbohydrates – 12.2 gr; Fibre – 5.1 gr; Protein – 34.1 gr

Print this recipe – Székely Gulyás


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