Disastrous experience

5 Jun

I’m back from my vacation and thought I’d better start off with a post.

Twelve days in the south of France – blissful, wonderful weather, great sightseeing, great food and bad blood glucose values!

Now, how did this happen. I left with good intentions – brought a recipe for zucchini pizza and low carb bread, both of which I made. My low carb bread recipe yielded 12 pcs which lasted the whole vacation. I ate it for breakfast every day and once used it for a hamburger. When we ate in, I cooked ‘properly’. That was the good part.

At the beginning of our vacation, I just couldn’t resist trying out some of the specialities and I guess I didn’t take enough insulin. So I had highs and then, because I overcompensated for the highs, I had lows. Up, down, up, down. Absolutely disastrous! After a few days, I figured out how much insulin I more or less needed and hope that I took enough. Since we were on the go doing things, it wasn’t easy to keep checking after one hour so I didn’t have a clue what my post-priandal BGs were. However, since I didn’t feel ‘weird’, I guess they were more or less ok.

I had more coffees and wine than I wanted to but you know what, this my have helped lower my high blood pressure. I was having high diastolic numbers before I left on vacation and yesterday and today, my numbers were good. Whether the good numbers will continue will remain to be seen. I thought the caffeine was causing the high numbers but I had two to three coffees per day while on vacation or perhaps, the wine was good for me.

The good blood pressure readings were not the only positive thing which happened during my vacation. I did not get one single cramp although I do admit that I was paranoid about getting them and took two magnesium pills each day. Before leaving, I was getting leg and foot cramps almost every day after sports or in the early morning. To combat this, I increased my magnesium intake.

Now I am back eating low carb. I wonder what will happen next.


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