What I did today

27 Apr

Being new on the LC diet, every day is experiment day.

Today, I tried making LC crepes using this recipe. That was after I made a batch of my normal crepes. We are having guests over soon and I wanted to serve crepes for dessert. I would serve myself the LC crepes. It certainly took some time to get the knack of making the crepes. Mine certainly did not really look like crepes but more like thin pancakes. The first one stuck to the pan and became a big mess altho I did coat the pan with a thin film of oil. The next round, I added oil to the batter and a bit more oil to the pan. In fact, I ended up adding oil to the pan for each new crepe and wiping off the excess with a paper kitchen towel. You’ve got to be really careful when loosening the crepe from the pan and not do it too soon. I think I’ll have to make these a couple more times before I get to be an expert. Out of the supposedly 6 crepes I was supposed to get, I ended up with two acceptable ones and one mangled looking one. The rest ended up in the bin. However, the verdict is – the crepes taste good and have potential.

For dinner, I had a protein shake. I found a website selling designer whey by accident and read all the great comments from satisfied customers. So I ended up buying two 1 kg bags because it was cheaper than buying one bag at a time. I choose the hazelnut and vanilla flavours. Here they are …

ESN Designer Whey

… two unattractive bags of whey. I tried the hazelnut version first with water. Then I tried it with milk … muuuch better. Then I tried it with unsweetened soy milk. Also pretty good. I haven’t tried the vanilla drink yet as vanilla is not my favourite drink flavour. I was intending to use it for cooking. Will report on its uses later.


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