24 Apr

In contrast to the title of yesterday’s post, I have to go all the way to the end of the spectrum for today’s title.

FBG was still good but not as good as the previous two days. Could have something to do with the fish and tofu. Have to keep a check on this.

Decided to have something other than eggs, ham and cheese today and opted to try out a recipe for pancakes. The finished pancakes looked very nice and attractive but on eating, turned out to be dry and almost revolting. I had to force down the last bite. It could have been due to the brand of whey protein I used. The pancake was still a bit sweet even though no other sweetener was added to the batter. Since I won’t be making these again, I won’t be adding a link to the recipe here.

Went to the gym and went  on the cross-trainer for an hour. Again, sports did not seem to have any effect on my BG. BG was the same after as it was before!

For lunch, I tried making the pizza from Healthy Indulgences. The yummy topping ingredients saved the day. The base was soft and tasted a bit like an omelette. Perhaps it was because I did not add the optional ingredient coconut flour or perhaps it should have been cooked for a lot longer than 35 min to make it crispy. I had difficulty getting it off the parchment paper on the pan. It was soooo soft. Flipping the pizza half-way through was also impossible as it stuck to the paper. Will have to work on this one or look for another recipe.


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