23 Apr

Can anyone get ecstatic over BG figures?? Well, I did!

Today was the second day in a row that I got a fasting blood glucose of under 90 without any basal insulin. Seems like I must be doing something right! If it has something to do with what I ate yesterday and the day before then I must note down here that I had Stir-fried Tofu and Veggies and the day before, Fish and Salad for lunch. Going to have to monitor this further.

For breakfast, I made a wonderful Low Carb Focaccia-style Flax Bread which can be found here. It is really easy to make and comes out just like in the video.  If you cut it into 12 pcs, you’ll have about 5.7gr carbs per slice.  On the third day after baking, the bread was still moist. I’ve frozen the rest of the slices and will have to see how they are after defrosting. I ate a slice spread with cream cheese and got good 1 hr post-priandal BGs. The bread is actually delicious on its own. Here is my proud photo!

Low Carb Focaccia-style Bread

After note: I took out a few pieces of the frozen bread, defrosted it and the next three days, it still remained soft. Amazing!

Lunch was a hamburger (100gr meat) without bun and salad. Again, I was surprised that I needed less insulin. 2 units Novorapid would have been enough although I have been taking 3 units for the past two weeks. Perhaps it is the cummulative effect of the low carb diet.

After lunch, it was baking again. Got to build up my reserves for when the hunger pangs strike! I made Blueberry Flax Muffins using this recipe but substituted the fresh cranberries with fresh blueberries. For those of you who think you can use dried cranberries, look at the labelling again. My package stated that sugar was added. After I made them, I discovered that the carb content per muffin was 13gr, 12gr if you omit the pecans. So on Dr B’s diet, you have to skip a meal to eat one muffin!

Here’s my muffin…

Blueberry Flax Muffin

They taste really good!


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