Great figures!

22 Apr

Today could be the beginning of results – am I being too optimistic? I got up with a low fasting blood glucose of 86 – and that was without any basal insulin. For the last week, I have been experimenting with zero basal insulin and have gotten readings above 100 but below 120. Then I went for my biking session (one hour, interval training) – started with a BG of 100 and it was 52 after biking. Was my meter wrong? It is a bit wonky and I will be getting a new one as soon as I can. I didn’t feel too bad. So far, sports has not had any great effect on my BG. I have tested before and after BG for 1 week. Anyway, it went up to 90 again one hour later without my eating anything. Maybe my body needed some time to recognise and accept this low carb diet!


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